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Getting Rightsized in Our Seventies

Described as a "must read" for police officers and prospective candidates for law enforcement, this book invites readers to step back and examine their views and attitudes from a different perspective.  In the process of defining and discussing the cultural underpinnings of the criminal justice community, the author addresses topics of special importance including sources of tension in police-citizen interactions; the challenges of law enforcement in a democratic society; policing as a "noble" profession; and police-community relations in a "Post 9/11" environment.  Published 2005 (Second Edition) by Pearson-Prentice Hall ISBN 0-13-113797-2  Available on Amazon.com

Dan Carlson was one of the few police officers assigned to the Woodstock Music and Art Festival held August 15-17, 1969, at Bethel, New York. In this book, he relates how those hectic but exhilarating three days appeared through the eyes of a cop, and answers a number of questions about the crowding and traffic, the cooperation of the concert-goers, and the very enforcement of laws during the event. The author also touches upon the personal and professional ways in which he was affected by his having been part of that crowded, muddy and exhausting weekend in 1969. In this 2nd Edition, Dan adds additional texture to this iconic event, and discusses the enduring phenomenon of "Woodstock Nation."

When the 1969 Woodstock Festival attracted a half million people to the tiny community of Bethel, New York, concert organizers and government entities were overwhelmed.  With chaos seeming inevitable, a grassroots spirit of cooperation and collaboration between Hippies and cops averted catastrophe, and ensured three days of peace, love and music. Dan Carlson, who was one of the few police officers assigned to work at Woodstock, recounts his memories of that iconic event, and describes how his experiences there affected him both personally and professionally.  ISBN 9781539145684  Available on Amazon.com  Also available in the bookstore at the Museum at Bethel Woods in New York

Why did a law enforcement officer in a large metropolitan police department brutalize a suspect?  Why did it take several days for his colleagues to admit witnessing the event?  Such questions lead officers to ponder their moral duties and obligations, known generally as ethical considerations as they relate to the law enforcement profession.  Some of the hardest decisions law enforcement officers make during their careers involve ethical issues.  As a result, the actions taken to resolve these issues play a vital role in defining officers throughout their careers.  Published 2004 (Second Edition) by Pearson-Prentice Hall ISBN 0-13-112333-5  Available on Amazon.com

After more than fifty years of marriage, Dan and Bonnie Carlson decided to "Rightsize" their lives.  Beginning with a vision of what they wanted their lifestyle to look like, they kept that goal in focus while making a series of major changes.  In a "leap of faith," they sold their home, moved to an "Over-55" apartment community, got rid of a lot of accumulated "stuff," and fashioned a lifestyle of reduced stress and increased personal contentment.  In this book, Dan discusses steps for a comfortable relocation, strategies for letting go of "stuff," managing the stress of a major lifestyle change, and making smart choices about what is important in life.  ISBN 9781547221233  Available on Amazon.com in both paperback and digital versions

Dear Prostate ... I Thought You Were My Friend

One Man's Journey Through Prostate Cancer and Beyond

You have prostate cancer. These words, when spoken by a physician, strike fear in the heart of any man, and ripple through the ranks of his family as well. This newly-updated and easy-to-read book recounts the author's year-long journey from a diagnosis of prostate cancer, through treatment, to being declared cancer free. While making the point that there are intelligent and well-recommended ways to deal with a diagnosis of prostate cancer, the author also offers tips for staying engaged and confident throughout. And, believe it or not, there are even some things to laugh about along the way. With a new chapter added in 2018, the author celebrates being cancer free for two years, while discussing any lasting effects of his treatment and the outlook for continued good health.  Published (2016) and updated (2018) by DanBonBooks  ISBN 9781537069197  Available on Amazon.com

When Cultures Clash

Strategies for Strengthening Police-Community Relations


Reputable Conduct

Ethical Issues in Policing and Corrections

Dear Hippie ... We Met at Woodstock  1st Edition

One Cop's Memories of the 1969 Woodstock Festival

Dear Hippie ... We Met at Woodstock   2nd Edition

One Cop's Memories of the 1969 Woodstock Festival